Our Story

Welcome to ARTPE Project Store! Founded by three adventure-loving family members: Kathya, Carlos, and Lucas. Our name represents the fusion of our family names, but it also embodies our project, brand, and life journey.

Our story began eight years ago when Kathya and Carlos migrated from El Salvador to Canada. We arrived with only two suitcases and an insatiable desire to explore our new home. We immediately fell in love with the beauty of the Canadian West Coast, with its mountains, oceans, and natural wonders.

As we continued to explore, we realized that we shared a passion for adventure and a curiosity about the world around us. We are travelers, road trippers, foodies, and learners of different cultures. We believe that there is beauty in everything, especially in the most simple things in life.

We started ARTPE Project as a way to share our love for the great outdoors and our passion for adventure and exploration of different cultures. Our collection of products, designs, and collaborations showcases our mission to share the stunning landscapes of the Pacific North West, the Canadian Rockies, to the vibrant cultures of El Salvador.

Through our designs, we aim to inspire others to discover the beauty of the world and to embrace their own unique journeys. We believe that life is an adventure, and we are thrilled to share our journey with you.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure called ARTPE Project. We hope that our designs inspire you to embrace your adventurous spirit and to discover the beauty of the world around you.